Corrections Sick Leave Abuse: Trends, Technology, and Solutions

Using technology and policy changes to reduce sick leave abuse in corrections.

Sick leave abuse is a significant concern of correctional staff. A survey by shows sick leave abuse impacts staff safety and morale. Learn in this white paper how an efficient, consistent scheduling process and automated solution can solve this issue.

Discover what survey respondents say are the causes of sick leave abuse at their corrections facility and how it’s impacting staff, inmates, and the public. More than 80% say they are moderately or very concerned about sick leave abuse.

Also learn how using the web-based UKG TeleStaff™ staffing and scheduling solution can help correctional facilities curb sick leave abuse and improve operations:

  • Incorporate sick leave policies into the solution and require supervisor approval
  • Track labor costs and the impact of sick leave abuse on operations and the bottom line
  • Ensure each shift is correctly staffed with rested officers to optimize security and productivity
  • Better manage sick leave and overtime budgets using real-time data and reports

Download this white paper to learn more about the survey results and how UKG TeleStaff can help corrections facilities consistently apply sick leave policies and reduce sick leave abuse to save money, improve morale, and build trust.

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