Civil Unrest: Police Preparedness, Trends, and Staffing Software Solutions

Learn about a PoliceOne survey on civil unrest preparedness and automating staffing and recall.

Law enforcement has growing concerns about civil unrest. Learn what law enforcement personnel say in a PoliceOne survey about their department’s response readiness, and how the UKG TeleStaff™ solution supports preparedness with automated scheduling and communication.

One-third of survey respondents said they had worked a civil unrest incident in the prior six months, and 43% said their department was not prepared to respond to a large-scale disturbance.

A case study about the Port of Seattle Police Department demonstrates the value it has seen from its UKG TeleStaff solution during a number of disturbances. The automated scheduling and communication solution has helped the department:

  • Simplify contacting and deploying officers, saving time and money spent on manual calls
  • Identify each officer’s expertise, training, and special assignments so appropriately skilled officers are notified and deployed
  • Track emergency response hours by job codes for easy reporting and streamlined FEMA reimbursement when applicable

Download this white paper to learn more about how UKG TeleStaff helps police departments quickly deploy officers with specialized training during a civil unrest disturbance.

“The right employees were contacted in the right order [by UKG TeleStaff], and all communications were automatically documented.”

Sarah Brower, Police Specialist
Port of Seattle Police Department

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