Civil Unrest: Fire Service Preparedness, Trends, and Staffing Solutions

Learn the results of a FireRescue1 survey on whether fire departments are prepared for civil unrest.

Civil unrest is a growing concern for fire departments. Learn what department personnel say about response readiness in a FireRescue1 survey, and how UKG TeleStaff™ delivers automated scheduling with built-in communication that supports civil unrest preparedness.

About 60% of survey respondents said their fire departments had responded to a civil unrest incident in the past five years, but 60% also said their departments were not ready to respond to a large-scale disturbance and a third are still using manual methods to deploy responders.

Fire departments that utilize UKG TeleStaff technology to contact and deploy fire department personnel during a civil unrest incident can:

  • Track personnel skills and certifications in the solution to quickly identify right-skilled first responders
  • Contact and deploy responders through automated texts, emails, or phone calls
  • Balance deploying special teams and maintaining necessary fire suppression staffing

Download this white paper to learn more about how UKG TeleStaff helps fire departments remain ready to quickly send personnel to a civil unrest incident.

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