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Championing Racial Equity in the Workplace

7 ways you can encourage racial equity at work

Several incidents in 2020 triggered an emphatic call across the world for the end of racism. UKG shares steps you can take to break down systemic racism in your organization in our Championing Racial Equity in the Workplace white paper.

The police killing of an unarmed Black man, George Floyd, in Minnesota in May 2020 propelled the issues of justice, legislative reform, civil rights, and racial equality into the forefront. It also prompted a great deal of conversation on the role corporate America plays in encouraging and ensuring the equitable treatment of Black people and other minorities at work and in society at large. Such a responsibility cannot be left to the government by itself or to any one institution. It takes an all-round approach which means your role as an employer is equally crucial.

So, what can you do to help dismantle systemic racism? Discover actions you can take to level the playing field for your minority employees to create a fair and inclusive culture, and positively impact their economic security, including:

  • Speaking out against inequity
  • Diversifying your leadership teams
  • Enforcing pay parity
  • And more

Download this guide to learn about the actions you can take to nurture an equitable workplace, and to help you understand how these actions can directly and positively impact the lives of your Black and other minority employees.

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