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Bring ELD Data to life for Strategic Business Insights

Discover the value of integrating ELD data with labor management reporting to gain more complete visibility into labor operations.

Since the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate took effect on December 18, 2017, trucking and distribution companies have been accumulating massive amounts of valuable data about their drivers and vehicles. Now it's time to leverage this information for efficiency gains and competitive advantage. By analyzing workforce data — including time, attendance, and payroll — in conjunction with ELD records, your company can identify previously untapped opportunities to improve performance, reduce costs, and attract and retain in-demand drivers.

Bring ELD Data to life for Strategic Business Insights

Learn tips to put your business on the road to more efficient and profitable operations, including:

  • Integrate labor management and ELD stop time data to perfect component pay for drivers
  • Identify customers that operate inefficient yards and charge them more per incident
  • Get more complete visibility into non-driving time and related costs

Download this informative paper to learn how to get more value from them the ELD data you're already collecting.