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Bonnell Aluminum: Strategies for Being an Employer of Choice

In a tight labor market, retaining employees can be challenging. Learn how Bonnell Aluminum is using its UKG® solution to be an employer of choice.

This leading manufacturer of aluminum extrusions identified seven key areas to guide the organization in attracting and retaining quality employees, from designing a workplace where people want to work to hiring the best talent and offering valued career opportunities. But how could the company achieve these goals?

Bonnell Aluminum: Strategies for Being an Employer of Choice

Bonnell Aluminum determined that a UKG unified human capital management (HCM) solution would be critical to implementing its strategies for being an employer of choice. The company is leveraging its HCM solution tools to attract talent and better manage its workforce, including:

  • Attracting and retaining new hires
  • Streamlining hiring and onboarding
  • Supporting development of employee skills
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Improving payroll accuracy
  • Providing value-added HR services
  • Improving workforce management
  • Reducing compliance issues

Download this informative story to learn how Bonnell Aluminum developed its strategies and is using its UKG HCM solution to prepare for demographic shifts in the workforce and respond quickly to talent needs to remain competitive.

"Bonnell is constantly competing to retain talent, draw that talent, keep that talent motivated and engaged, and ensure that talent has opportunities."

Kimberly Womack, HR Director
Bonnell Aluminum