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Automate Shift Bidding to Increase Productivity, Transparency and Morale

Fair and transparent shift bidding is important to public safety employee engagement and morale. Learn how the automated UKG TeleStaff™ Cloud Shift Bidding solution uses rules-based technology configured to an agency’s shift bidding rules to generate fair, equitable shifts.

Manual shift bidding can be fraught with problems: perceived favoritism, errors, and compliance issues. Discover how our automated shift bidding solution incorporates seniority rules, skill and certification requirements, complex labor laws, safety regulations, and union agreement rules when assigning shifts.

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Automate Shift Bidding to Increase Productivity, Transparency and Morale

The UKG TeleStaff Cloud Shift Bidding module creates equitable shifts that boost employee confidence in their getting fair shift assignments:

  • Employees enter their shifts bids in the solution on a computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Bids are analyzed and awarded based on agency rules configured in the solution
  • Employees can track the bid process and receive shift assignments far faster than with manual processes

Download this white paper to learn more about the solution and how some individual police, sheriff, and fire departments are using UKG TeleStaff Cloud to improve their department’s shift bidding process.

“Our bidding management time is minimized with UKG TeleStaff doing most of the work. Bidding took 20 to 30 hours of management time before and now takes half an hour.”

Lt. Todd Wilmington
Oakland County Sheriff’s Office

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