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Automate Scheduling to Integrate with Core Systems

Improve productivity, accuracy, compliance, and visibility by automating employee scheduling.

Automate Scheduling to Integrate with Core Systems

Manual processes reduce the accuracy of public safety employee data. Learn from these survey results how public safety agencies handle scheduling and integration with core systems and how automating scheduling and integrating systems deliver accurate data and save time.

Surveys by,,, and of more than 700 public safety professionals revealed the issues created by manual processes and decentralized technology: errors, inaccuracies, noncompliance, and sluggish data delivery.

Key discoveries made during the surveys of these public safety officials include:

  • 52% said their agencies use manual processes to create and manage schedules, resulting in duplicated work and inaccuracies
  • 60% agreed that pre-loading roster data through integration with a computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system would reduce time and errors
  • 63% reported that their agency didn’t integrate payroll and scheduling solutions, creating potential compliance issues

Download this informative white paper to learn more about what public safety agency professionals said about their agency’s use of manual processes and how automating and centralizing scheduling and integrating solutions could increase accuracy and efficiency.