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3 Strategies to Stay Ahead of Critical Trucking Challenges

Gain insight into top people-related challenges facing the trucking industry and steps you can take to stay one step ahead of them.

The trucking industry remains a driving force behind the U.S. economy. Continued economic growth has fueled a consumer spending boom, especially online, leading to a significant increase in shipping demand. In 2018, trucks transported 11.49 billion tons and industry revenues rose to $796.7 billion. Despite this dynamic growth and booming demand, however, the trucking industry faces some critical challenges that must be addressed to maintain profitability and drive sustained growth.

3 Strategies to Stay Ahead of Critical Trucking Challenges

Learn strategies to help you stay ahead of key challenges such as:

  • A critical and persistent driver shortage
  • ELD mandate and hours of service requirements
  • Mounting detention time at customer facilities

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