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2024 Employment Law Forecast

Learn about potential changes to employment law in 2024 and stay ahead of your organization’s compliance goals.

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2024 Employment Law Forecast

Staying ahead of 2024 employment law changes will help your organization in the coming year

Sometimes it feels like employment law never sleeps. Coming out of a pandemic that put human resources professionals both in the spotlight and on a high wire, there’s little chance that the pressure employment laws place on these (and compliance) professionals will ease in 2024.

UKG and employment law attorney Kate Bischoff share what employers need to look out for in the coming year.

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    Everyone’s talking about AI. Congress could take action to put regulations and protections for consumers in place.

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    A focus on anti-monopolistic efforts on noncompetition agreements will come into play.


    Regulations allowing individual contributor positions more visibility into salary ranges may become a requirement.

Staying on top of changes to employment laws and compliance is no easy task, but it’s important to keep a close eye on trends in order to help your organization be ready for whatever comes down the legal pipeline.

This white paper provides insight into several potential employment law changes that will be notable in 2024.