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2022 Megatrends in HR

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2022 Megatrends in HR

The balance is shifting: employees have more power than ever before. 

The pandemic has changed the talent landscape, and three major trends are driving this evolution. To survive and remain competitive, organizations must rethink how they treat employees, how they lead, and how they approach compliance.

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    More Gray-Collar Workers

    Positions that require physical and technical skills will be in greater demand but face a critical talent shortage.

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    New Ethics of Leadership

    Organizations must be transparent, listen to employees, develop outcomes-based cultures, and utilize the latest HR tools.

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    Greater Compliance Agility

    Business leaders should embrace forward-thinking compliance, understand trends, and lead adoption of new practices.

of the Fortune 500 companies from 2000 are extinct.
lower turnover rates are seen at companies with a high trust culture, compared to competitors.
of HR professionals are concerned about an increasing number of COVID-19 related lawsuits.

With people having numerous employment choices now and the competition for talent increasing, organizations need to broaden their focus to consider the needs of all their employees. To remain competitive, organizations must take better care of their people and create a culture of ethical leadership and trust. 

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