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Workforce Management and HR Service Delivery Video

Better together for operational impact.

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Workforce Management and HR Service Delivery Video

In the video Workforce Management and HR Service Delivery, see how using a unified UKG™ solution simplifies the leave process for employees, HR, and managers while enhancing communication, improving compliance, and supporting continued workforce productivity.

During this video demonstration, discover how employee types ― workers, HR staff, and supervisors ― can use centralized workforce management and HR solutions to easily manage the FMLA leave process.

The video illustrates how the complementary UKG solutions enable users to:

  • Use a mobile device to request leave, see tasks to be completed, and submit documents
  • Confirm leave eligibility, view a checklist of tasks and assignments, and manage leave cases consistently
  • Generate, share, and archive leave and medical documents
  • Auto-notify supervisors about employee leave and the return-to-work date
  • Schedule the right workers to fill open shifts created by employee leave

View this informative video to learn more about how having UKG workforce management and HR Service Delivery solutions combined can enhance productivity, compliance, and the employee experience.