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Work As We Know It Is Broken

Explore an actionable, research-based tool that helps you bridge the gap between your employees’ expectations of the workplace and their actual experiences.

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Work As We Know It Is Broken

Reimagine the employer-employee dynamic to unleash your employees’ full potential

The employee experience comprises the moments throughout the workday that impact employees’ physical and mental health, influencing whether they would recommend the organization to others and how likely they are to stay. Employee expectations are the benchmark for the employee experience, and a significant gap between the two could lead to a lack of trust, high attrition, low engagement, and low productivity. In today’s era where employee wellbeing is being prioritized, understanding the difference between knowing their needs and whether you’re meeting those needs is key to your organization’s survival.

In this webinar, Michael Puck, UKG HR Innovation Fellow, delves into the Employee Expectation Experience Gap Analysis — an easy-to-use, research-based online tool that enables organizations to self-assess in just six minutes how well they’re positioned to address the dynamic expectations of today’s employees.

Discover the five ways the Employee Expectation Experience Gap Analysis adds value to your organization:

  • Employee expectations overview — provides a compressive picture of employee expectations across 12 categories
  • The power of the nonmonetary — highlights the importance of nonmonetary employee expectations that make up 63% of what today’s employees expect
  • Strengths and opportunities profile — produces a unique strengths and opportunity profile to start closing expectation gaps
  • Instant employee score — emphasizes how much lower nonmanagers score
  • Resources and recommendations — suggests pragmatic recommendations to help close gaps

This webinar shares valuable insights into improving the perceived employee experience to attract, engage, and retain talent more effectively.