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Why, When, and How to Transition Off of Your PEO

Gain expert insights that will help prepare your organization to transition off your PEO and own your HR, benefits, payroll, and talent functions.

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Is It time to transition off your PEO for people-focused results?

Join us for an informative webinar where a panel of seasoned experts will explore why, when, and how to transition off your PEO. You’ll gain valuable insights to prepare you and your team to own your own HR, benefits, payroll, and talent functions, so you can elevate the work experience and drive better business outcomes.

Hosted by UKG Account Executive Joseph Coscia, this webinar will discuss how bringing these human capital management functions in house can help increase your benefit market exposure, create a culture of acceptance and compliance, and provide key strategic insights through people analytics. It’s a must-attend virtual event for people leaders looking to make more informed business decisions and support employees at every stage of their life-work journey.

Watch this webinar replay to evaluate whether transitioning off your PEO is the right move for your organization.