Why 85% of Employees Either Quit or Disengage

And how to put an end this trend

Low employee engagement is not the culprit that is holding many companies back from delivering better services and higher quality products. Learn what is and how you can harness exceptional employee productivity and commitment by addressing the underlying causes.

In this webinar replay, Michael Puck, senior HCM strategic advisor at UKG, Bob Watanabe, program manager for the Human Insights team at UKG, and Cecily Tyler, program manager for the Human Insights team at UKG, will explain why the employer-employee dynamic is fractured.

They will also dive into what specific steps companies can take to close the gap that prevents employees from bringing their whole selves to work and contributing on a higher level. 

After watching Why 85% of Employees Either Quit or Disengage, you will:

  • See beyond the symptoms of low engagement, poor service, and product quality to identify the underlying causes that need to be addressed first to introduce lasting improvements
  • Know easy-to-follow steps to empowering employees to contribute more of themselves at work by tapping into transferrable skills linked to their passions, hobbies, and personal interests
  • Understand the concept of life-work synergy and how to leverage a three-tiered approach to build a foundation where companies can effectively meet today's employees' dynamic expectations

Watch the webinar and get to the real source of turnover and disengagement.

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