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What's the Tea with Workforce Central End-of-Life: Q&A for UKG Manufacturing Customers

Workforce Central end-of-life is coming. Learn how your organization can best prepare, so you can create a winning migration strategy.

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By now you’ve likely heard about the upcoming Workforce Central® end-of-life (EOL) and migration to UKG Dimensions®. We know there’s a lot to discuss about what this transition means for you. Watch this webinar replay to gather more information as our manufacturing customer.

In this webinar, UKG Director of Manufacturing Practice Kylene Zenk and a panel of veteran manufacturing experts lead an informational Q&A session regarding the EOL notification for Workforce Central. The most frequently asked questions were covered live during the event.

You’ll learn:

  • How migrating from Workforce Central to Dimensions will transform your manufacturing organization for the better
  • What you can expect throughout the EOL process
  • The timeline for EOL