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What Matters to Your Workforce? Are Manufacturing Leaders Missing the Mark?

Thought leaders share critical insights from research seeking to understand why frontline manufacturing employees leave – and what could inspire them to stay.

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What do your frontline manufacturing workers want from a work experience? IndustryWeek, UKG, and Ankura explore this all-important question in this webinar. This webinar highlights research conducted in late 2022 focused on top industry challenges and actionable steps to better engage with frontline employees.

Watch the webinar to hear research results that reveal:

  • What manufacturers are doing to increase workforce engagement, retention, and productivity
  • How HR and Operations have an opportunity to better align to solve common challenges
  • What frontline employees truly value from an employer – and how big the gap is between what they want and what employers are providing

If you’re looking for ways to create work experiences that keep your frontline employees engaged and productive – don’t miss this webinar replay hosted by Kylene Zenk, UKG Director of Manufacturing Practice, John Frehse, Ankura Senior Managing Director, and Brent Robertson, Co-Founder of Fathom.

Watch the webinar to learn how to leverage people-first technology to engage and connect with your frontline team.