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WFM & Pay: The Foundation of Employee Trust

Learn how using workforce management (WFM) and payroll solutions from a single vendor can build employee trust and lead to increased organizational performance.

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WFM and payroll deliver opportunities to build employee trust every day

Creating a high-trust culture is vital to an organization’s success. Delivering perfect paychecks plays a key role in building employee trust, a process that starts with a reliable WFM solution that delivers timely, accurate information.

  • Control Costs

    Driving equity and fairness in the workplace is how work is equitably assigned and rewarded.

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    Built-in financial wellness and education tools help alleviate employees’ financial stress and increase their engagement.

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    Making data and analytics easily accessible with personalized dashboards empowers people to make great business decisions.

of workers will explore other jobs after two payroll errors.
of payroll errors are generated in source to gross and begin with WFM problems.
outperformance over peers per year is seen in organizations that have built high-trust cultures.

When WFM and pay solutions are integrated into a single-threaded process from a single vendor, and they deliver accurate, reliable, and timely information, organizations can build employee trust daily.

This video shows how UKG utilizes six pillars of delivering great WFM and pay solutions to empower organizations to develop and build a trusting relationship with employees, to transform their workforce and their business.