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Unique Perspectives on Creating Operational Efficiencies in Healthcare

Discover how to unburden healthcare clinicians by reducing manual tasks, creating operational efficiencies and providing real-time data to improve patient care.

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Healthcare has experienced numerous challenges in recent years ― from staffing shortages and burnout to inefficiencies ― conditions exacerbated by the pandemic. Learn how to reduce the weight and stress placed on clinicians and create a supportive culture that enables them to better focus on providing quality patient care.

During this webinar, gain the perspective of a physician in undertaking this process, as well as insights from an experienced chief nursing officer on how to support clinicians’ development and increase their engagement and retention. Also learn from UKG’s chief nurse executive on how technology can streamline processes and deliver timely data for fast healthcare decision making.

Join us for this webinar to discover how to:

  • Think outside a traditional hospital perspective to understand how to unburden clinical staff
  • Facilitate continuous staff improvement to create a postive workplace culture
  • Utilize real-time data that supports leadership and management initiatives

These insights on supporting the nursing workforce can help healthcare organizations develop a roadmap for achieving greater clinician engagement and operational efficiencies.

Previously recorded webinar. Please note that UKG Dimensions® has been renamed UKG Pro Workforce Management™