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UKG Pro Talk: Your New Way to Connect and Collaborate

Create a culture of belonging with UKG Pro Talk®, your solution for streamlined communication and collaboration.

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UKG Pro Talk connects your workforce like never before

Meet UKG Pro Talk, the mobile-first solution that empowers employees to connect and engage in ways that are flexible to how they live and work. Through integrated features like direct messaging, groups and channels, insights and analytics, and more, organizations with complex team structures can leverage UKG Pro Talk to meet their people’s unique needs while promoting engagement and boosting productivity. 

Fostering a strong sense of belonging — no matter where people physically do their work — has never been more important. Check out UKG Pro Talk: Your New Way to Connect and Collaborate to learn tips and tricks for addressing common communication challenges and see how UKG Pro Talk seamlessly infuses impactful communication and collaboration into your human capital management and workforce management product suites.

UKG Pro Talk can help solve your communication concerns by closing the gaps in your workforce and creating a culture of inclusion.