UKG Pro Delivers the Insights You Need

Imagine the insight you’d gain and how much easier decision-making could be if you had the right people data and workforce information at your fingertips.

Watch our webinar to see how we can help you use the data in your UKG Pro™ solution to learn more about your people, identify trends, and make smarter decisions. With our Analytics Development Services, you partner with our consultants over the course of a year to build the new and/or updated reports, alerts, and dashboards you need for timely people-focused insight. You specify the reports you need — when you need them — and we build them. We do the work and you get to:

  • Fully leverage UKG Pro’s analytic capabilities
  • Gain valuable insight for making strategic business decisions
  • Respond quickly to the ongoing reporting needs of your organization

Plus, UKG Pro customer, Atkore, shares how our service has allowed them to provide custom, click and run reporting for their executives — while saving time and money for their organization.

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