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Turn Insight into Impactful Action

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Don’t let the wrong metrics slow you down. Discover how you can give your managers real-time insight into labor demand so they can make decisions to maximize productivity, reduce cost, and show care for your people.

Watch our recorded webinar to see how the analytics delivered with the UKG Pro™ Workforce Management (Dimensions) time, attendance, and scheduling solution gives you real-time data with simple visualizations and easy-to-understand metrics so you can turn insight into action – in seconds.

This modern, user-friendly platform unlocks an unprecedented level of operational insight for your team, including:

  • KPIs, metrics, and thresholds so you can align decisions with labor budgets and goals
  • Immediate, anytime access to the insights and tools needed to proactively manage your people
  • Access to labor performance insights on demand to keep results in line with expectations
  • Visibility into troubling trends while there’s still time to take corrective action
  • 150 pre-built analytics and the ability to build your own

Learn how you can take advantage of key workforce metrics including actual or projected overtime, absenteeism, missed punches, time not worked, and more.