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Transforming Your HCM Healthcare Strategy

Explore current industry trends and challenges—and how UKG Pro® HCM and UKG Pro Pay address them.

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Chas Fields, Senior Partner, HCM Advisory Group & Human Insights, UKG, speaks with an employee from Eskaton Senior Living Care & Services about how the organization leveraged UKG technology to address rising HCM challenges.

Session takeaways include:

  • A better understanding of current industry trends and challenges
  • Learning how and why Eskaton Senior Living Care & Services decided to leverage UKG technology
  • A comprehensive overview of how UKG Pro HCM and UKG Pro Pay works and helps organizations achieve their goals

The workplace has changed over the last two decades and so has the workload and demands put on your workforce. Watch this panel session to learn how to positively impact your business and your people with HCM insights, guidance, best practices, and know-how.