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Transforming Perioperative Staffing and Scheduling Webinar

Discover how to streamline and improve your perioperative scheduling processes.
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Transforming Perioperative Staffing and Scheduling webinar

Manual perioperative staff scheduling processes can be complicated, time-consuming, and error-prone. In the webinar Transforming Perioperative Staffing and Scheduling, learn how technology can revolutionize scheduling your perioperative staff.

The realities of scheduling OR and perioperative staff ― and creating a great experience for your staff ― can be daunting, but scheduling technology can improve the experience for you and your nurses, healthcare providers, and administrators.

During this webinar, learn from regional nurse executives Corrie Halas and Courtney Green about how you can use perioperative scheduling technology to:

  • Decrease your time spent creating and managing call schedules based on built-in rules relative to staff skills, specialties, and availability
  • Gain real-time visibility into call schedules and provide anytime, anywhere mobile access to schedules
  • Efficiently manage the OR schedule by assigning staff to rooms and cases and oversee sicks calls and emergency procedures
  • Enable staff to easily swap assignments and make schedule requests

Watch this webinar to learn how you can transform your perioperative staffing and scheduling processes