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Transforming Payroll: Stepping into the Future

Stepping into the future
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It’s time to prepare for the future of payroll.

Every organization is different, but there are some macro trends that are influencing payroll everywhere. Payroll professionals are looking for practical steps to future-proof payroll processes. How do we make that happen?

In this webinar, Teresa Smith, strategy consultant manager at UKG, and Rachel Rapoza, product marketing manager at UKG, will provide three key areas to focus on when transforming payroll.

After watching, Transforming Payroll: Stepping into the Future, you will be able to:

  • Understand how to develop a better service delivery model
  • Identify ways to adopt agile and flexible processes
  • Recognize opportunities to mitigate risk through smart technology

Whether you're a seasoned payroll professional or a newcomer, you’ll learn innovative and proven techniques to put employees at the center of the payroll experience.