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Transform Your Small HR Team with the Superpower of AI

Explore the fundamentals of artificial intelligence (AI) for small teams, from benefits and employees’ concerns to ethical use and the right HR technology.

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Your small HR team has so much to gain from AI

If your organization is like most small businesses, your HR team is probably buried under many important but time-consuming daily tasks that are preventing them from focusing on other business priorities. An emerging solution is to leverage AI through an HR and payroll solution to streamline processes and provide deeper business insights but where do you start?

In the replay of this webinar hosted in collaboration with SHRM for National Small Business Week, Julie Develin, UKG Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory, explains what AI is and how it can help address leaner HR team pain points. This includes benefits ranging from greater efficiency through automation and streamlined recruiting, hiring, and onboarding to developing customized engagement strategies and learning opportunities. In addition, she explores the best ways to get HR teams on board with AI, the importance of ensuring its secure and ethical use, and why it’s smart to partner with an experienced HR and payroll platform provider when taking the AI plunge.

This webinar discusses the power of AI to transform HR for your small team.