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Team Building and Collaboration Across a Multigenerational Workforce

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Team Building

Throughout the decades, HR and business leaders have worked to swiftly shift strategies and employees have adapted to ever-changing and uncertain working environments. Lessons learned from past HR trends, processes, and procedures show us the brilliance, progression, growth, and opportunity in the field.  

Through the hustle and bustle of everyday HR life, we sometimes forget that looking back at where  we’ve been can help us to determine where we’re going! So, hop on the “way-back machine” and take a trip down HR memory lane.

This fun and informative presentation will explore how past trends can help us navigate the present day into the future of work. 

Learning objectives: 

  • Learn best practices for bridging the gap between generations
  • Explore what’s important to each generation
  • Identify what HR professionals can do to build multigenerational teams and collaboration between them

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About the Speakers

Teresa Smith, SHRM PMQ, HRP, FPP, PFA, DS | Strategy Consultant Manager | UKG

As a senior manager for the human capital management (HCM) strategy consultant group for UKG, Teresa Smith advises business leaders and their leadership teams on how to better maximize people-centric strategies to achieve long-term success. With deep expertise in change management process and business innovation, Smith is an advocate for the unmatched value of an empowered workforce, and helps organizations more effectively attract prospective employees, engage existing employees, and holistically develop and manage an exceptional employee experience.

Julie Develin, MSHRD, SHRM-SCP | Senior Partner, HCM Advisory Group | UKG 

An expert on employee relations, workplace flexibility, and workforce development, Julie Develin is a senior partner, HCM Advisory, at UKG. With more than 17 years of experience as an HR practitioner focused on improving workplace culture and enhancing the employee experience, Julie helps organizations implement strategic employee technology and workplace initiatives to enhance productivity, improve communication, and increase satisfaction across the workforce. Julie holds an M.S. in Human Resources Development from McDaniel College, where she continues to work today as an adjunct professor in the human resources management and human services management programs.