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Talent Management 101: Back to Basics for Smaller, Stronger Teams

Learn why it’s important to head back to the fundamental principles of talent management to build stronger teams that elevate and inspire culture and innovation.

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Strengthen your talent management strategy to enhance recruitment, hiring, and retention

For some small HR teams, it’s easy to find people and hard to find great people. For others, it’s easy to find great people but there isn't enough time or budget to employ them. Even still, many small businesses have great people, but low retention weighs them down. This talent problem demands a retooling, rethinking, and revamping of how organizations recruit, hire, and retain. And while it may seem counterintuitive, it’s time to go back to the basics of talent management.

During this webinar, David Drees, UKG Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory, and Susan Hurwitz, UKG Product Manager, share how to best tackle and solve the question, “How do we find, get, and keep the best people out there?” They delve into the need for recruitment practices to be more strategic — making budget spend more targeted, using tools that streamline processes, and making connections with prospects and new hires meaningful and authentic.

Plus, they provide a glimpse into the various tools and guidance the UKG Ready® solution offers to help you hire and retain top talent.

This webinar explores how leveraging technology and strategy to humanize hiring and retention is a differentiator for your small business.