Supply Chain Transformation for a Post-Pandemic World

What you need to know for the future of logistics and distribution.

Studies suggest that in just the first six months of the pandemic, digital transformation accelerated by five to 10 years — so what does that mean for the future of the logistics and distribution industry?

In this webinar replay, experts from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) explore both the challenges and opportunities brought on by COVID-19, and how organizations can prepare for more change ahead.

Get practical advice for succeeding in the new world of logistics and distribution.

In this webinar replay, Dan Horvath, Vice President of Safety Policy, ATA, and Alan Karickhoff, Economic Analyst, ATA, discuss:

  • Why and how the pandemic has expedited digital transformation
  • Ways that supply chain companies can keep up with the surge in ecommerce
  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining top talent, including tips for managing employee burnout
  • How advancements in technology, like autonomous trucks and drone delivery, might impact the future of the logistics and distribution industry

Watch this informative webinar for expert advice on how to keep your employees safe (and profits up).

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