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Solution in Action: How UKG Uses UKG One View

See how UKG One View® is a complete game changer when it comes to multi-country payroll.

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Get an inside look at how UKG utilizes its own solution, UKG One View

UKG One View®, the new multi-country payroll experience from UKG, can transform your global payroll. We would know — we use it ourselves!

Learn more about how UKG One View is reinventing multinational payroll, workforce management (WFM), and human capital management (HCM), all through a single, compliant, streamlined experience, in this webinar replay.

UKG employees Keira Griffin, Senior Manager of Product Management for One View, and Mariana Sabogal, Director of HR Technology, discuss the complexities of the UKG global employee footprint and our team's challenges in reporting on global payroll. They take a deep dive into our journey to launch One View Connect at UKG and our project's scope as well as share insights from their personal experiences and the next steps in our global payroll transformation.

This webinar replay also covers:

  • The driving factors and challenges that led UKG to embark on a global payroll transformation project
  • The steps taken in our proven implementation framework, the factors that can contribute to success, and how to avoid roadblocks
  • Real-world results — what we’re seeing now that we’ve gone live, and more

See how UKG One View empowers employees and drives business results through every step of the WFM and payroll journey.

One view, infinite possibilities. UKG One View is transforming the global payroll experience.