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Securing the Future Manufacturing Workforce

Today’s HR strategies versus what Generation Z really wants.
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Securing the Future Manufacturing Workforce

The manufacturing industry is facing a talent crisis with the impending “silver tsunami” of baby-boomer retirements. This is compounded by the harsh reality that younger generations aren’t exactly lining up to take their place.

To remain competitive in the war for talent, manufacturers must create a work environment that attracts, engages, and retains the future workforce — Gen Z.

To understand which talent management strategies HR executives are using today and uncover what Gen Z wants in a workplace, UKG partnered with IndustryWeek on the study, The Future Manufacturing Workforce: Creating Talent Strategies Guided by Insights, which surveyed HR executives across the industry as well as Gen Z employees currently working in manufacturing.

In this webinar replay, Galahad Dong, Director, HR Systems and Total Rewards, Simpson Strong‐Tie, and Heather Badower, Lead Industry Marketing Manager, UKG, dive into the findings of this study and share:

  • What HR executives are doing to ensure a continuous talent pipeline and streamlined knowledge transfer among their multigenerational workforce
  • Which benefits and culture attributes Gen Z values in a workplace
  • How people-centric HR and workforce management technologies can help create “Gen Z-ready” work practices

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