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Rethinking Nursing Productivity

An Initiative Underway.

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Rethinking Nursing Productivity

The pressure is on to achieve productive, cost-effective nursing practices. Hear industry experts discuss an initiative aimed at redefining productivity and identifying promising approaches in our Rethinking Nursing Productivity: An Initiative Underway webinar replay.

As healthcare changes continue to grow in momentum, it’s critical that nursing practices adapt and keep pace. Listen to Joanne Disch, PhD, RN, FAAN, Professor ad Honorem at University of Minnesota School of Nursing, and Nanne Finnes, MS, RN, Chief Nursing Executive at UKG, present the plan and learnings of their current initiative regarding nursing productivity. Based on findings from interviews with CNOs, CFOs, and industry thought leaders, this initiative provides insight into issues that must be consistently taken into account when assessing, and striving to optimize, the productivity of nursing resources.

Explore key themes and issues including:

  • How to leverage nursing practice to achieve financial and quality outcomes
  • The need to redefine and better measure nursing productivity
  • The importance of considering both direct and indirect factors that affect productivity
  • Why some organizations are using partnerships to develop and monitor budgets

View the webinar replay and stay up to date on how organizations are beginning to look at nursing productivity differently — and what it means for the future.