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Remote Employees: A Compliance Watch List

Enjoy this webinar replay from the spring 2022 HR & Payroll eSymposium

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Remote Employees

Although COVID may continue to wax and wane for years to come, the changes that it has induced in the workplace (and at home) will likely not disappear any time soon.  What many predicted would be a long-term trend towards employees working remotely transpired in a few months, but the legal and operational difficulties that accompany such a shift have still not fully settled. 

In this webinar replay, Colleen Rynne and Robert Wennagel discuss the compliance considerations of remote work, including tracking a patchwork of local taxation and sick leave laws, wage and hour issues, and related trends such as the “right to disconnect.” 

Learning objectives:

  • Explore the historical trends toward remote work
  • Understand current compliance challenges as employee populations work remotely
  • Discuss trends and potential future legislation related to remote work

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About the Speakers:

Colleen Rynne | Director of Compliance – Product | UKG 

Colleen Rynne is Director of the Compliance Advisory Team at UKG and transitioned from practicing law to advising the UKG products and development teams nine years ago.  

Robert Wennagel | Senior Compliance Advisor | UKG 

Robert is an attorney based in California and has spent his career advising employers on best practices regarding wage and hour laws, anti-discrimination, and employee privacy.