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Prioritize to Progress: Strategies to Move HR Forward in SMBs || Webinar Replay

How to get the resources you need to prioritize your people and make an impact.

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Prioritize to Progress: Strategies to Move HR Forward in SMBs

Keep people engaged. Build better experiences. Shift strategies (again). As an HR professional at a smaller organization, you’re expected to take on more than ever before — without the extra resources.

How can you step away from back-office tasks and focus on big-picture initiatives that impact your people and the business?

It starts with getting support from leadership.

In this webinar replay, learn how to make the case for tools to help you improve processes, automate repetitive tasks, and spend less time managing compliance.

Expert HR advisor Julie Develin will:

  • Review findings from the latest research on HR in small to mid-sized businesses
  • Show how to emphasize your needs in a way that aligns to business goals and highlights your strategic value
  • Share practical advice on the tools that can help you take back your lost time

Propel your career and your team forward. Watch this webinar replay and unlock the tools for having convincing conversations with decision makers.