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Orchestrate the Perfect People Strategy
Webinar Series for UKG Ready

Taking care of the many needs of your people can be hectic and time-consuming for your lean HR team, but it doesn’t have to be. With the UKG Ready® solution, you can leverage the power of HR, talent, payroll, and time all in one place to deliver a modern, people-centered experience that cuts out busy work, increases efficiency, and helps maintain compliance.

View any one of the webinars below — or all three — to learn how the UKG Ready solution can simplify your people processes for a more harmonious work experience.

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Need to simplify your HR?  UKG can help.

Pay and Time: The Drumbeat of Your Organization

Earning and keeping your people’s trust is tough enough, and pay errors can quickly undo any trust you’ve built. That’s why your approaches to collecting time and processing payroll must go hand in hand if you want to confidently and accurately support everyone at your organization. Join us to learn how the UKG Ready solution can help you go beyond delivering the perfect paycheck to also empower and engage your people.

HR & Benefits: Compose Your Culture

Becoming a place where people want to work starts with the culture you build at your organization. What many don’t realize, though, is that the right technology to support your people processes plays a key role in creating a culture of empowerment and transparency. Join us to learn how the UKG Ready solution helps you set a vision for and create the kind of stand-out culture where your people get the benefits they deserve and feel they belong.

Talent: Put the Spotlight on Your People

Finding the right talent is tough, so when it happens, you need to ensure you can provide the development paths and opportunities that will make them want to stay. The touchpoints you have with candidates and employees matter and so does the technology that helps you make those moments possible. Join us to explore how the UKG Ready solution can help you attract new talent and cultivate the talent you have to be their employer of choice far into the future.