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Navigating Compliance in Retail, Hospitality, and Food Service

Hear how one of the largest privately owned dining groups in the U.S. is navigating labor compliance complexities using technology and best practices.

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Retail, hospitality, and food service companies face a daunting web of workforce-related regulations. 

As lawmakers at the local, state, and federal levels seek to influence how employees are scheduled, tasked, and paid, business leaders must create and enforce policies and procedures that ensure their organization is compliant today — and plan for what could change in the future.

Hear Robert Wennagel, Senior Compliance Advisor, UKG and Ethan Samson, Executive Partner, Vice President, and General Counsel, Lettuce Entertain You Restaurants as they discuss:

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    Gain expert insights into Fair Workweek, Paid Leave, overtime, and more, including compliance concerns when crafting a policy. 

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    Learn the role HR technology can play in simplifying compliance and creating a culture of trust and transparency.

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    Explore trends happening around AI and data privacy regulations and review recent influential decisions.

Keep pace with the ever-evolving compliance landscape to protect your organization and ensure your employees feel fully supported at work. This is a unique opportunity to learn how implementing technology and best practices can help you minimize compliance risk today and prepare for change in the future. 

This webinar is essential viewing for retail, hospitality, and food service leaders looking to successfully navigate compliance complexities.