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Mental Health: An Organizational Initiative

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Mental Health Webinar

Every day, we face complex workplace challenges that can have a significant impact on job performance, workplace culture, and productivity. Rarely do we learn how these daily challenges impact our mental and physical wellbeing. 

Join Teresa Smith, Director of Human Insights at UKG, on a journey to explore why understanding the whole employee and yourself, beyond status and title, is imperative to staying afloat in choppy waters. During this webinar, you’ll learn about the exchange relationship between the employee and the employer and the implications of that relationship. We’ll also discuss self-care techniques that organizations can apply to help their people maximize their personal and professional wellbeing.

Additionally, we’ll explore the concept of mental health and its impact on the business as well as discuss how organizations can break the stigma of mental health and make it an organizational initiative.

Finally, UKG solutions expert Nate Wright will dive into how UKG® solutions can help organizations craft a better work experience for their people by supporting mental health initiatives through HR technology.