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Maximizing Productivity: Measuring Employee Performance in a Hybrid Work Environment

Explore the opportunities and challenges of measuring public sector employee performance in a hybrid work environment.

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Optimizing a hybrid workforce in the public sector improves organizational success

Discover how to gain the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the hybrid work environment in today’s post-pandemic work landscape—and explore strategies for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness.

In this webinar, an expert panel provides invaluable insights into:

  • Understanding productivity in the context of remote and in-office work
  • Identifying key metrics for measurement
  • Leveraging tools and technologies to facilitate accurate assessments
  • Creating best practices for setting clear expectations and providing feedback
  • Fostering a culture of accountability and engagement, and more

Learn about the most common challenges encountered when measuring productivity in hybrid settings and hear practical solutions and real-world examples that can guide your public sector organization to success.

Whether you're an executive, HR professional, or manager seeking to maximize workforce performance, watch this webinar to gain greater insights into how to effectively evaluate your people.