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Manufacturing a Winning Talent Management Strategy

The Voice of Hourly Workers on What It Takes
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Manufacturing a Winning Talent Management Strategy

Manufacturing organizations are facing unprecedented talent management challenges — the ongoing battle for skilled talent, the pending silver tsunami of baby boomer retirements, and negative perceptions of the industry among the Gen Z workforce. As frontline hourly team members are the primary creators of value in operations, manufacturers must act now to reimagine the workplace for the largest segment of their workforce.

The first step is to understand the unique factors that attract, motivate, engage, and retain the critical hourly employees who work across the supply chain, from manufacturing to logistics. View this webinar on demand to hear the results of the EmployBridge 2021 Voice of the Blue-Collar Worker Survey, the nation’s largest and longest-running survey of hourly workers. More than 15,000 blue-collar voices shared what it takes for employers to recruit and retain them, but it’s up to you to listen, learn, build, and take action on the things that matter most to your frontline team members.

Join EmployBridge and UKG as we discuss a fresh perspective on how you can create a winning talent management strategy to become an employer of choice in this competitive landscape. During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain insights into the unique needs, motivations, and preferences of your hourly workforce
  • Learn about actionable practices and policies you can implement to address these unique needs
  • Understand how workforce management technology can enhance hourly team members’ experiences

Webinar Speakers

  • Brian Devine, senior vice president, EmployBridge
  • Kylene Zenk, director, manufacturing practice, UKG