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Leveraging Data to Increase DEI&B in Talent Management Practices

See how data can help ensure equitable opportunities in the workplace for all.

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Understand how data contributes to ensuring a diverse organizational culture

When it comes to hiring in a diverse and equitable manner, organizations have often turned to various recruitment tactics to ensure their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) initiatives are evident in their hiring practices. But how can those same organizations safeguard diversity in leadership roles and create equitable opportunities for all in the workplace?

Neena Kovuru, Strategic HCM Value Consultant at UKG; Shalynne Jackson, Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer for The City of Oklahoma City; and Michaela Doelman, State Chief Human Resources Officer for The State of Washington discuss how data can help organizations:

  • Manage diversity in people leader roles
  • Develop current talent for growth
  • Build a culture of inclusion and belonging, and more

This webinar will explore how crucial data really is when it comes to ensuring equitable opportunities and diversity in organizations’ talent management practices.