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Let the Tech Do It: How HR Technology Can Support Compliance

Explore how you can stop being the “compliance police” and focus on your people with HR technology that supports a proactive, yet agile compliance strategy.

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From PEO to HR Software

The unceremonious role of “compliance police” too often falls to HR, which can lead to negative perceptions and create an abundance of tedious work. Modern HR technology can automate time-consuming compliance-related tasks and change how the organization views your team. With a solution that supports compliance agility, you can stay flexible, reduce risk, and anticipate trends before they happen, freeing more time to focus on your greatest driver of success: your people.

Join Stacie Young, workforce solutions consultant at UKG, and Tami Nutt, compliance expert and analyst at Aspect 43 as they discuss the pivotal role HR technology can play in addressing complex compliance requirements.

In this webinar replay, you’ll learn about:

  • The biggest compliance headaches facing HR teams today
  • How HR technology streamlines compliance processes
  • How legislative updates help you keep pace with evolving requirements
  • “Must-have” compliance features you should look for when evaluating HR solutions

This webinar replay takes a close look at how HR technology can empower your HR team to stay proactive and agile in a changing compliance landscape.