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Labor Scheduling Practices that Optimize Production and Drive Retention

Let's talk effective strategies for keeping your manufacturing team engaged and productive.
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Labor Scheduling Webinar

Watch the webinar What’s Possible in Manufacturing: Proven Labor Scheduling Practices that Optimize Production and Drive Retention to learn effective strategies for weathering these challenging times while improving employee experience, morale, and productivity.

With so much for manufacturers to balance today — the ongoing pandemic, all time high labor shortages juxtaposed with record demand, surging retirements, and employees’ need for work-life balance — this webinar is designed to give you essential insight and guidance for navigating these rapidly changing times.

Watch the webinar today to learn:

  • The latest talent and fluctuating business dynamics that are impacting the manufacturing industry
  • Practical guidance for creating alternative shift schedules that optimize the available workforce and support flexible scheduling options
  • How modern technology, automation, and real time information are critical to supporting operations and enhancing the employee experience

Effectively managing the complexities of today’s manufacturing environment requires sophisticated labor strategies that balance operational needs while providing schedule flexibility that will attract and retain the future workforce. Join manufacturing experts for a candid conversation about effective strategies and modern technology that will put your team and organization on the path to success.