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Improve Operational Performance with UKG Dimensions Activities

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Improve Operational Performance with UKG Dimensions Activities

Tracking labor activities is critical to determining the time spent on a specific job or work order. Without a solution to manage labor against activities, manufacturers can only estimate the time spent per task, causing inaccurate pay, misquoted jobs, and lack of visibility into the actual cost to manufacture a product.

With the UKG Dimensions Activities solution, manufacturers gain real-time visibility into workforce data to power more intelligent decision making — optimizing efficiencies, increasing employee productivity, and ultimately improve operational performance.

During this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Improve workflows through simplistic integrations and accessible APIs
  • Enhance the employee experience through flexibility, smart forms, and simplistic data entry
  • Drive operational efficiencies with real-time visibility into labor data
  • Increase productivity with critical KPIs and more accurate standards

Take 30 minutes to learn how UKG Dimensions Activities can deliver breakthrough levels of operational insight into managing your workforce.