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How Purpose Offers Opportunity for Frontline Workers

Great Place to Work and UKG experts tackle the latest industry research showing how frontline workers are considering changing jobs to an unprecedented extent.

Required field
Doctor, Firefighter and Police Officer

The latest analyses of the ongoing employment reshuffle show that people aren’t just leaving jobs — they’re leaving industries. In a recent Great Place to Work® survey, 55% of workers across seven distinct fields said that they are open to leaving their jobs in the next six months.

What can employers do to keep their most valued frontline employees from walking out the door? Join Julian Lute, Strategic Advisor at Great Place to Work, alongside a panel of UKG experts for an honest conversation about how purpose-driven cultures are the key to retain talent in any industry.

Learning objectives:

  • How to create a sense of purpose for employees despite their environment and what it looks like when employees are truly connected to meaningful work
  • What it looks like when purpose drives innovation, employee resilience, and well-being
  • How operational processes can have a positive effect on culture

Enjoy this webinar replay from the June 2023 HR & Payroll eSymposium. Note: This webinar replay is not pre-approved for recertification credits; please self-submit where applicable to request credit approval.