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How GenAI Impacts Your Role in HR: Stay Ahead and Plan

Learn how GenAI is helping HR practitioners revolutionize their daily work responsibilities by freeing up valuable time.

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How many of us in our daily work actually get to do those things that drew us into HR in the first place? If we’re honest, we often spend too much time on busy work, repetitive tasks, and other activities that don’t bring out our best abilities and passions. But what if we told you that generative AI (GenAI) was a way to change that?

In the webinar replay, How GenAI Impacts Your Role in HR: Stay Ahead and Plan, you’ll learn how to use GenAI to tackle your to-do list and refocus your efforts and attention on creating better relationships and impact.

Watch this webinar replay to:

  • Rediscover why you got into HR in the first place and the legacy you hope to leave
  • Get real, practical ideas for using generative AI to solve problems in benefits, talent, and other areas
  • Reset your focus on stakeholder relationships, organizational impact, and employee experience

This webinar replay shows you how GenAI can help address challenges in HR, strengthen stakeholder partnerships, amplify organizational impact, and more.