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In Focus: Bringing Out the Humanity in Your Employer Brand

In this UKG Exclusive, Jody Kaminsky, CMO, UKG, and Scott Sanfason, VP, People Operations and Care, UKG, explore how organizations can attract and keep talent through authenticity and why it requires breaking down the wall between your employer brand and corporate brand.

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UKG Exclusives In Focus Trailer

Does what you say about your brand match what your people say about your brand?

To become an organization that top talent wants to work for — and stay with — a strong employer brand will set you apart.  But the brands that people are most attracted to don’t behave like brands at all.

They’re more human than anything. Not too perfect, not too staged. Like a photo without a filter, they’re real and authentic.

The demand for authenticity isn’t coming from employees alone. In fact, 90% of customers say authenticity is important when choosing which brands they buy from, and 64% have stopped purchasing a product after learning that a company treats its employees poorly.

As the line blurs between your employer brand and your corporate brand, it’s time to look at your talent strategy through the dual perspectives of marketing and HR.

Join Jody Kaminsky, CMO, UKG, and Scott Sanfason, VP, People Operations and Care, UKG, as they get together for an honest conversation about what it really means to build an authentic, human brand. They’ll discuss how to focus on what makes your organization unique, capture the right feedback, and develop a deep connection with talent and customers alike.

Plus, you’ll be watching alongside Pat Wadors, Chief People Officer, UKG, who will weigh in with her own insight and real-life stories.

Get ready to build a brand that people love working for and love working with.


Meet the Experts

Jody Kaminsky, Chief Marketing Officer, UKG
Jody Kaminsky serves as chief marketing officer of UKG. She combines her passions for HCM market strategy and the strategic role of marketing to build brand awareness for UKG, as well as oversee the company’s reputation management, customer relationships, demand generation, marketing automation and technology, digital marketing, search engine optimization, and event marketing. Jody is inspired by the creativity and innovation of science fiction, so you may catch her at a local sci-fi convention or find her engrossed in a sci-fi film on the weekends.

Scott Sanfason, VP, People Operations and Care, UKG
Scott Sanfason serves as vice president of people experience at UKG. He oversees talent acquisition, end-to-end people processes and the company’s use of its own products to support the organization. Scott loves to build things and when he isn’t building a new process or a system at UKG, he can typically be found building a porch, swing, or piece of furniture and teaching his children how to do the same.