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A Fireside Chat with Super Users of UKG Workforce Management

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how three large employers moved to UKG Workforce Management and unlocked new levels of productivity for their people and their businesses.

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Customer Roundtable Discussion

Three large employers share how they redefined the work experience with UKG Workforce Management

Organizations across industries may have different, unique challenges, but one thing is for sure — a happy, engaged workforce is everyone’s key to success. But how do you make sure your people have what they need to be their best at work?

Hear from three large employers about how they found the right solution to meet their unique industry needs.

Leaders at retail giant PVH Corp. (with brands including Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger), EmpRes Healthcare Management, and sales staffing firm MarketSource share how they leverage the unique features of UKG Workforce Management (including AI-driven insights and mobile self-service tools) to create connected life-work experiences for their people.

They give you an inside look at how they:

  • Empower their salaried and hourly employees with fast, easy access to the information they need with mobile self-service tools
  • Integrate multiple technologies to create an efficient end-to-end solution on an agile platform
  • Equip managers with real-time, actionable insights into their team’s productivity and potential compliance risks

Watch this virtual fireside chat replay and get real-life strategies for elevating the greatest driver of success: your people.