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Finding a Cure for Quiet Quitting

Get the full story about this growing phenomenon, and hear from seasoned experts on how to combat it while strengthening your culture.

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Cure for Quiet Quitting

You’ve likely heard of the term “quiet quitting,” where employees actively decide to not go above and beyond in their roles at work. It’s taking the working world by storm and it’s probably happening at your organization right now. While employees decide to quietly quit for a variety of reasons, what if you could prevent quiet quitting from happening in the first place? Great news — you can! In this panel discussion, you’ll learn how to take meaningful action today to transform your culture and inspire your people at work, so they’re motivated to go above and beyond for one another, your company, and your customers, while strengthening their careers and your business.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand what quiet quitting is and what it is not ​
  • Learn from experts how to prevent quiet quitting ​
  • Learn how to improve their culture ​​​ ​​

Enjoy this webinar replay from the December 2022 HR & Payroll eSymposium. Note: This webinar replay is not pre-approved for recertification credits; please self-submit where applicable to request credit approval.