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Employee Wellbeing: An Organizational Initiative

Understanding why the wellbeing of the whole employee is vital to navigating challenging times.
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Wellbeing @ Work

Don’t miss our timely on-demand webinar, Employee Wellbeing: An Organizational Initiative, co-sponsored by SHRM. You’ll learn why employee mental and physical wellbeing is critical today, plus self-care techniques and technology solutions for supporting your people.

Each day, we face complex workplace challenges that can have a significant impact on job performance, workplace culture, and productivity. Rarely do we learn how these daily challenges impact our mental and physical wellbeing.

In this webinar, UKG™ expert Teresa Smith guides you to understanding why the wellbeing of the whole employee, beyond status and title, is imperative to staying afloat in choppy waters. You’ll learn about the importance and implications of the employee and employer relationship, including self-care techniques and technology solutions that organizations can apply now to maximize personal and professional wellbeing. At the end of the session, you will:

  • Recognize why it’s important to understand the whole employee
  • Understand why employees need to feel valued and connected and how technology can create connection points on their life-work journey
  • Realize why employee mental health and wellbeing are so important in the workplace

Don’t miss this presentation on the ways in which you can help your employees feel safe during risky and uncertain circumstances, valued and protected not just as employees, but as people, and heard when voicing their evolving challenges and needs.