Elevating the Employee Experience to Successfully Attract and Retain Talent

Learn about the new expectations frontline employees have, and how companies are creating and implementing employee-centric strategies to become employers of choice in a highly competitive labor market.

Rob Klitsch, UKG Industry Marketing Director of Retail and Hospitality, will be joined by Bill Anderson and Erin Fatigati, Labor Optimization Specialists with Workforce Insight, part of Accenture to discuss how a positive employee experience can help attract and retain talent in our Elevating the Employee Experience to Successfully Attract and Retain Talent webinar.

The war for talent has never been more challenging in retail, hospitality, and food services.

Today, frontline employees have new expectations of their employers. Over the course of the COVID pandemic, the work has been grueling, they have concerns for their safety, and they need more flexibility to better balance life and work given the many changes that have occurred around them. For these reasons and more, many employees have chosen to leave the workforce, which has created a large talent gap for retail and hospitality companies. This truth has led to one of the most competitive labor markets in history. It is more important than ever for companies to rethink strategies for attracting and retaining talent to be positioned as employers of choice for short-term and long-term success.

View our webinar to learn about:

  • What frontline employees want to support their life-work balance
  • Initiatives companies are prioritizing to elevate the employee experience and the advantages they can expect
  • Factors companies should consider to successfully implement employee-centric strategies

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